About Us

Cryptoo1 firmly stands for accurate, timely and unbiased information, enabling each end user to draw their own informed conclusions from Cryptoo1 data.

We are on a mission to get the knowledge from people who have it to the people who need it, so that we can live in a more successful world!

Cryptoo1 is a cryptocurrency platform dedicated to newcomers, beginners, and traders who are willing to improve their performances. We firmly believe in the blockchain technology that is running behind cryptocurrencies and think that an increase of use of that technology will cause the value of the cryptocurrency market to grow.

We were getting questions from our relatives, friends, and others on how to start with cryptocurrency? The reality is that a lot of them will put their interest in front of yours. Blog posts are created starting from a basic level of understanding of cryptocurrencies, so that even users unfamiliar with this new system can acquire a better understanding. As we were blessed by this new technology that helped us change our lives, this is the way we want to give back to the crypto community.

Making money in 2017 when the cryptocurrency market reached its peak was easy. Whatever you bought, it went up. Things changed drastically in 2018 and the beginning of 2019 while the majority was using the same strategy they used in 2017 and it led them to massive losses. It is essential for everyone investing in this new technology to not only have knowledge of the subject but also to have all the tools needed to analyse the market, in order to reach a safe conclusion in the eternal question, "Will bitcoin go up or will it drop?". We have made it our goal at Cryptoo1 to provide our users with everything required to answer this question correctly leading to profits.

Our vision is to make you think about the opportunity you have and inspire you to endulge in one of the greatest opportunities of our time. Once you realize the potential, the hope of living a better life will be sparked and nothing will stop you on finding the right way to that success.

The Cryptoo1 team has been following the cryptocurrency markets for four years now and the time has come for us to share the knowledge and experience with everyone. Making money when everything went up was easy. It is our responsibility to give you the right directions from the wins we made but even more from the losses we had and the lessons we learned from them.

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