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What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Mining,November 2, 2019


Bitcoin mining is the official term for computing processes required for encrypting batches (or blocks) of transactions.

It is basically solving complex mathematical algorithms...

The Several Advantages That Bitcoin Has Over the Current System

Advantages of Bitcoin, October 25, 2019


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world and one of the most recent technologies that had a massive impact on the banking industry..

How banks and bitcoin solve the double spend problem?

Banks vs Bitcoin, October 19, 2019


Both, Bitcoin and Banks have solved the double spend problem with 2 opposing systems...

Bitcoin- How it Changed the Digital World

The start of Bitcoin, October 15, 2019


The movement from fiat money to digital money was particularly simple. We already have a government that issues money and has the right to...

How do Governments control the value flow in the world?

Money=Value=Trust, October 10, 2019


To answer this question it is required to have a solid knowledge of what is money. Money can be described as value, since if someone does work for you, you have to..

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